Our Response to COVID-19

Our philosophy as a business is to approach this situation with empathy and urgency. Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and partners. All of our support staff is required to work from home. During  this time our support staff is more limited than previously. Therefore we ask that customers be sure to read our websites FAQ section, review all wait times as well as the detailed emails you receive regarding your order, before reaching out to our support staff.  Because 100% of our customer interactions take place virtually, this has helped us to adapt to the impacts of the outbreak without negatively effecting the health of our customers. 

Due to COVID-19 and high demand, all of our products have increased manufacturing and shipping times. Customers can expect to wait up-to 60 days. We are doing everything we can to speed this up. We thank you for your patience during these unprecedented times. 

Why is our wait time longer?

Prior to COVID-19, products such as our new Thin-Part Wig, had a wait list. Since COVID-19 the wait list has increased due to higher demand for our products as women seek alternative options that do not require a salon visit. Also, due to COVID-19 our business operations have restructred causing production times to increase. Lastly, the wait times include potentional FED-EX/DHL shipping delays. Shipping is normally 2 days. However, due to COVID it could take up to 8 days. 

Thank you for your patience with your orders! We promise it will be worth the wait!

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